Cogito – the new KES philosophy podcast

Philosophy is undoubtedly a thriving subject at KES. Agora society is an institution within the school; a space for students to meet and explore deep and complex philosophical ideas that has been boggling minds for decades.

Reflecting on Theology society is dedicated to discussing big ideas about God and religion. In addition, Metascholen society, the newest offering has popped up as a reading group for philosophical heavy lifters. The existence of these societies along with trips, ethics cup competitions, philosothon events and more, might lead you to think there is enough philosophy going on at KES. Certainly not, indeed, we are starting a new venture…

Now available from the comfort of your home, or as an accompaniment to your bus journey or walk to school is Cogito, the brand-new KES philosophy podcast.

Cogito is Latin for ‘I think’, a Latin word made famous by the philosopher René Descartes in his famous principle ‘cogito ergo sum’, ‘I think therefore I am’. The aim of the Cogito podcast is simple; to get people thinking.

Philosophy is not meant solely for academics, it exists to help us all live better lives. The treasures that KES philosophy students dig up through their thinking and discussions in School for Thought, their IB studies, and indeed their own readings are now available to your ears for the stimulation of your mind and the enrichment of your life. These are big claims; we hope that with each monthly episode released we can live up to these high ambitions.

Our debut episode is centred around one theme; ‘the good life’. Over 35 students and staff have contributed to the conversation on what it means to be happy and what it takes to live well. We hope you can take some time to listen and above all, we hope it makes you think. After all, as Socrates himself is purported to have said, the unexamined life is not worth living.

Mr Bennett and the Cogito Team


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