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Sports Day at King Edward’s School, Birmingham on Saturday 25 June 2022.

Access to an excellent education should never be a privilege limited by economic or social barriers. Help us break them.

For more than 450 years, King Edward’s School has provided a world-renowned education built on two pillars: excellence and accessibility. Our school offers an education second-to-none to all bright boys in our region, regardless of their background. 

For most of its history, KES could do this with government support and it was truly a meritocracy; every bright boy could have a future here. 

But after decades of dwindling funding, in 1997 government support was withdrawn entirely. The Foundation stepped in with its own Assisted Places programme, and then in 2009 The KES Trust was created to meet an ever-increasing demand for bursary support. 

Thanks to the support of hundreds of alumni and friends, The KES Trust has raised over £14 million for bursaries, creating new Assisted Places every year for boys who have earned their place here, and whose families need help. Your support has changed their lives, given them a firm trajectory, and offered their family the assurance of knowing their son’s place is secured. 

You can help us offer this opportunity to more boys and their families, breaking down the economic and social barriers that stand in their way. 

Make your contribution to the Assisted Places Fund. Learn more about the Impact of Giving.

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