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Whether you have a new job, a new spouse, written a book, or done something out of the ordinary, we and your contemporaries would be interested to know. Simply fill in the form below to keep us up-to-date. 

A selection of news will be published in the OE Gazette and all news will be published online.

Please note that by submitting this information you give permission for it to be published in the next OE Gazette and on the OE website. 

1. Personal information

(NB: Your year group is the year you were, or should have been, in the Sixths. We ask for your email address so the editor of the Gazette can contact you for more information or a photo to include with your news)

2. Your news

Please let us know your news from the past year:

3. Engagements, marriages and births

Please let us know the details of any engagements, marriages and births from the last year:

4. OE deaths and obituaries

Please let us know about any OEs who you know have died this year:

5. OE publications

Have you had a book published in the last year? Please let us know the details:

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