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Scientists & Engineers


Boot, Henry Albert Howard (Harry)
1935 (c)
Joint inventor of the cavity magnetron (the transmitter that was a vital part of radar) in 1939.

Birtles, Alastair
Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University, Australia and leader of the Minke Whale Project (which has been conducting field studies since 1996) and other marine wildlife tourism projects. Also appeared on David Attenborough’s documentary, Great Barrier Reef, in 2016.  

Croxall, John P
Head of Conservation Biology of the British Antarctic Survey; Scientific Medallist of the Zoological Society of London (1984); FRS (2005).

Davis, Ben
Home Office Consultant on Forensic Medicine.

Galton, Francis
Kt; cousin of Charles Darwin; explorer in the Sudan and South-West Africa, anthropologist and meteorologist; established the existence of anticyclones and explained them, and laid the foundations for the science of eugenics.

Gane, Christopher
Computer Systems Development Consultant in the USA; author of several authoritative books on computer systems.

Godfrey, C
Co -author with AW Siddons, also an OE, of the famous log tables.

Hereward, Hugh
Acceleration physicist, one of the founders of CERN

Jephcott, Harry
1909 (c)
Kt; Chemist with Glaxo and ultimately Honorary President of Glaxo Holdings Ltd.

May, Alan Nunn
Atomic scientist involved in passing information to Moscow. Professor of Physics, University of Ghana (1961-1976).

Myers, Walter
Physician, toxicologist and parasitologist. Worked with Dr Herbert Durham in Brazil and they were among the first to establish that the transmission of yellow fever was through mosquito bites. Died of yellow fever aged 28 and is commemorated at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

Napier Shaw, W
Kt; FRS (1891); Director of the Meteorological Office (1915-1920); President of the International Meteorological Society (1907-1923).

Nienow, Peter
Awarded Polar Medal for glaciological research on Greenland Ice Sheet 2016

Siddons, A W
Co -author with C Godfrey, also an OE, of the famous log tables.

Tootill, Geoff
Along with FC Williams and Tom Kilburn made the world's first wholly electronic stored programme computer, demonstrated in June 1948.

Vane, John R
Kt; Nobel Prize Winner (1982) for his work on prostaglandins; Director of Group Research and Development, the Wellcome Research Labs: Professor of Experimental Pharmacology, London University, FRS.

Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick
Professor of Biophysics, King's College, London (1970-1981); with Crick and Watson, shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology for work on the structure of DNA (1962).


Barnes, Martin
CBE; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering; President of the Association for Project Management. Designer of the project management systems now used for all major civil engineering and construction projects in the UK. Author of the standard work on financial control of civil engineering projects.

Chalmers, David
Naval Architect, involved with the work of the National Historic Ships Committee. One of the UK's leading ship structural experts, having written a definitive book on the subject and been a member of Lloyd's Register Technical Committee as well as an advisor in the 1990s to the US Navy. Currently a member of Council and Vice President of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Osborne, Joe
Software engineer, developer of SwiftKey; developed a communication system for Stephen Hawking

Westwood, Albert R C 
PhD, DSc; Past Chairman and Chief Executive, Central Labs of the UK Research Councils. Past Vice President, Sandia National Labs and Lockheed Martin Corporation. Past President, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society and the Industrial Research Institute. Elected Member of the National Engineering Academies of the UK, USA, Russia, Georgia (FSU) and Sweden. Numerous publications, lectures and awards including the Beilby Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry.