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Sapientia Flag

By Mike Baxter (1970)

Do you remember the pranks played during your time at KES? There were modest ones like rubbing the wooden back of the board rubber onto the wooden frame of the blackboard so that it would stick there in mid air for a minute or two....and then descend with a crash onto the dais once the lesson had started? Then there were the more elaborate schemes, one of the best of which must have been the Flag on Sapientia wheeze in the late sixties. An enterprising boy installed a remote controlled flag on the top of Sapientia and when the Chief (Lunt) was speaking during the final assembly of the year, it popped up and waved and brought raucous laughter from the audience...much to the confusion of the Chief who couldn't understand why everyone was laughing at him! A further enterprising boy in the gallery had a camera and was able to record this piece of pure history on film....


And then Bill Buttle sadly decided it was time to intervene...