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Reunion for OEs who started at KES in 1969

Did you start at King Edward's in 1969?

You may not have realised this yet, but this year marked 50 years since we started at KES. To acknowledge this historic occasion, with the help of the Development and OEA Office at King Edward's, I hosted a reunion on Saturday 19 October for all of us who started school in 1969. It was a lovely day and a great opportunity to catch up for many year for many ofus.

The reunion will started at 10.00am in the Andrew Brode Sports Centre with an opportunity to watch the rugby on Southfield and will finish around 4pm with coffee and cake with the new Chief Master Dr Katy Ricks.

Hope to see you there.

Paul Ruddock


Date: Saturday 19 October 2019

Time: 10.00am-4pm

Location: King Edward's School

Cost: Free

Booking for this event has now closed. If you are interested in attending please contact the Development Office on 0121 415 6050

Attendance list to date

Nigel Adams 1976    
Chanchal Chakraborty 1976    
Tim Clarke 1976    
Steve Cooper 1976    
Steve Dyke 1976    
Jonathan Farthing 1976    
Peter Grant 1976    
Andrew Halstead 1976    
Jon Harris 1976    
Martin Lawrence 1976    
Derek Levy 1976    
Stephen Neale 1976    
John Parker 1976    
Anthony Parkin 1976    
Paul Ruddock 1976    
Peter Scholey 1976    
Stuart Southall 1976    
Nick Towers 1976    
Keith Turnbull 1976    
Ross Woodall 1976    
James Lawrie 1977    
Katy Ricks Chief Master  
Adelaide Bailey Development Director (2007)
Sue Dickens OEA Events Manager