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Andrews, Charles Freer
A considerable scholar in classics and theology and a good sportsman; Vice-President of Westcott House, Cambridge. Main work was in India in 1909 with the Cambridge Mission to Delhi. Much influenced by Tagore and Gandhi. A contemporary Indian politician has said that 'he did more for the people of India than all the viceroys'. Nicknamed 'the friend of India'.

Apps, Michael J
SSF; Guardian of Hillfield Priory, Dorchester (1978-1989).

Baker, Eric W
Methodist Minister; Secretary to the Methodist Conference for 20 years.

Baker, John Percy
Archdeacon of Warrington (1934-1947)

Barnes, Ernest William
FRS; President of the Cambridge Union (1897); A very eminent mathematician, Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge (1898-1915); Canon of Westminster (1918-1924); Bishop of Birmingham (1924-1953); governor of KES

Benson, Edward White
Headmaster of Wellington College (1859-1872), Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral (1872-1877), Bishop of Truro (1877-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury (1883-1896).

Bill, Sydney Alfred
Bishop of Lucknow (1939-1947)

Cowley, Ronald A (Thomas)
Catholic priest; sometime Professor, Universidad Catolica de Chile; also held a number of university positions in the United States, ultimately Chaplain at East Tennessee State University; founder and president of the Ecumenical Project for International Cooperation.

Dixon, Richard Watson
Canon of Carlisle and author of A History of the Church of England from the Abolition of the Roman Jurisdiction; minor poet; friend of Gerard Manley Hopkins and earliest admirer of his poetry.

Foster, David
OSB Downside

Freer, T H
Contemporary and friend of Edward White Benson; Archdeacon of Derby (1891-1900), Honorary Canon of Southwell

Genders, R M ("Anselm")
Member of the Community of the Resurrection; Bishop of Bermuda (1977-1982).

Gilpin, William P
Bishop of Kingston-upon-Thames (1952-1973); Bishop Gilpin School in Wimbledon is named after him; a railway buff.

Haldane-Stevenson, James Patrick
Army chaplain during the Second World War, saw service at Monte Cassino and elsewhere; Protector of Natives in Western Australia (1956-1959); parish priest in Melbourne and later in Canberra; poet; Prelate of the Polish Order of St Stanislas, in which capacity he was represented at the interment of Tsar Nicholas II in 1998.

Haslam, John G
Honorary Chaplain to the Queen (1989- ).

Hill, Eric
Prebendary Emeritus and Honorary Librarian of Lichfield Cathedral; responsible for the translation of St Chad's Bible.

Hodgetts, Anthony E
Priest; Member of the Congregation of the Redeemer; lecturer at Beda College, Rome.

Hodgetts, Michael W
Member of the Catholic International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

Hough, John
President of Magdalen College, Oxford, elected in defiance of James II (1686); Bishop of Oxford (1690-1699); Bishop of Lichfield (1699-1717); Bishop of Worcester (1717-1743); declined the offer of appointment of Archbishop of Canterbury (1715).

Houghton, Michael Alan
c 1967
Suffragan Bishop Ebbsfleet (1998-1999), dying in office

Howard, Wilbert Francis
New Testament scholar; Principal of Handsworth College, Birmingham, a Methodist theological college; President of the Methodist Conference from 1944. His son, Maurice Francis Howard (1930), a schoolteacher and later deputy head of The Leys School, Cambridge, served in the Royal Signals during the Second World War as head of a listening unit travelling through France and Belgium monitoring enemy communications.

Jamieson, Henry Burns
Moderator, Presbyterian Church of England (1966); Green Howards Chaplain in WWII, POW in Italian and German prison camps for three years.

Johnson, G E Hickman
Methodist minister; India Secretary of the Methodist Missionary Society for 21 years.

Lamplugh, K E N, formerly Sharpley
Bishop of Southampton (19 -1973).

Lightfoot, Joseph Barber
Hulsean Professor of Divinity (1855-1875); Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity (1875-1879); Bishop of Durham (1879-1889). A socialist tendency in his speeches prevented his translation to London.

Martineau, Robert Arthur Schöroff
Suffragan Bishop of Huntingdon (1966-1972); Bishop of Blackburn (1972-1981).

McClean, Michael
Canon Residentiary and Chancellor of Norwich Cathedral.

Prosser, Charles Keith Kipling
Bishop of Burnley (1950-1953)

Purbrick, E J
Provincial of the Society of Jesus in England and then in USA.

Smalbroke, Richard
Bishop of St David's (1724-1731); Bishop of Lichfield (1731-1749).

Sweeney, Robert
Vicar of St Thomas with St Frideswide, Oxford; Chaplain of Magdalen College (1982).

Twells, Edward
Bishop of Bloemfontein, South Africa (1863-1869)

Welch, Patrick
Vice-President of the Methodist Conference (1979) - the highest position a lay person can hold in the Methodist Church; High Sheriff of the West Midlands (1987-1988)

Westcott, Brooke Foss

Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge (1870-1890); Bishop of Durham (1890- 1901); author of a well-known commentary on St John's Gospel.

Woolmer, Laurence Henry
Bishop of Lahore, West Pakistan, and North West Frontier (1949-1968), Assistant Bishop of Portsmouth (1968-1976? ).