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Old milk bottle


The UMS. The second best year at KES, after upper 6th. Our form had the perfect balance between dossers and those more inclined to working. A group of around 10 of us would cause havoc for Miss Jones and co.

One prank was the creating of a rubbish locker in the room. On the second last day of the year a old milk bottle went off, naturally causing an almightly stench around most of the geography corridor let alone just in our form room. This caused Miss Jones to go ape, as it were, at us. She searched all the lockers BUT the rubbish locker and after only finding a spilt plant pot in one locker, she attributed the blame to this. This plant was one given to a few people by Mr Lampard for doing some good biology work...because just giving us a 'credit' wasnt enough... Miss Jones' belief that a plant pot, and more importantly SOIL could actually GO OFF and then smell like rotten gone off milk bewildered us, and the stick she got from then on for that was immense. We taunted her to an extent that she gave up UMS classes the following year. Sensational.

In that year as well we had Mrs Southworth. Naturally, being the finniest teacher ever, we drove her MAD. Playing worms, listening to ipods, playing poker in her lessons, controlling the TV/VCR without her knowing it, cheating on tests and getting caught etc. made it a sensational year.