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Heath 3rd rugby team

By Iain Colquhoun (1960)

In 1958 I was a member of the Heath 3rd Rugby team, and we were down to play Jeune one Thursday afternoon. The referee was to be Mr Leeds, who let it be known at House Prayers that the game would be starting at 2pm instead of 2.30 as he had an appointment. Come 2pm I was the only one from Heath on the field, while all the Jeune team were out. Mr Leeds just blew to start the game and then began 5 minutes of one versus 15. By running round I managed to put the others offside and about 5 minutes later the rest of the Heath team turned up..

'never mind the cheers or hooting,
keep your head and play the game..'

I don't suppose Mr Leeds would have got away with it today.