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Former Staff Lunch 2024

We are pleased to announce a date for our Former Staff Lunch for Friday 24th May 2024. This is a lovely event in our calendar and we always look forward to welcoming as many of you back as possible. 

Tea and coffee will be served from 11.30 in the Common Room, followed by lunch at 12.30 in the Dining Hall with the event concluding at 14.00. Wine will be served with the main meal, followed by tea and coffee with dessert.

Yourself and a partner are very welcome to attend the event and we hope that some of our current staff will join the welcome reception in the Common Room from 11.30. 

If you would like to attend, then please book your free place below. 

Please note that bookings close on Friday 10th May. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings after this date.

If you have any questions, then please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there! 

You can view the current attendance list below: 

First Name  Surname 
Jean Allen
George Andronov
Maeve Andronov
Nigel Argust
David Ash
Pauline Asher
Roy Atkinson
Christine  Atkinson
Stuart Birch
Charmian Birch
Richard Bridges
Judith Bridges
Julian Burns
John Emery
Sylvia Emery
John  Evans
Derek Everest
Gillian Galloway
Gwyneth Gardiner
Shazia Gleadall
Paul Golightly
Jackie Golightly
Michael Goodchild
Kay Goodchild
Robert Grimley
Joan Grimley
Stephen Grounds
Pauline Grounds
David Homer
Brenda Homer
Hazel  Evans
David Haywood
Meta Haywood
Sandra  Higgitt
Tamara Hodgin
Tom Hosty
Chris Hosty
Colin Howard
Tricia Howard
Ken Howcroft
Marion Howcroft
Tim Jayne
Ken Jones
Rick Lye
Pam Magill
Tim Mason
Pauline Mason
Jenny Matthews
Ian Matthews
Munna Mitra
Annie Oakley
Keith  Phillips
Nicole Phillips
David Rigby
Sian Rigby
Gordon Sill
Roger Skinner
Mo Skinner
Carol Southworth
Janet Spencer
Susan Thorpe
Chris Thorpe
Robert Tibbott
Maurice Workman
George Worthington
Eileen Worthington
David Worthington