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1980 - 1989

Julian Coulter (1980)

Since August 2013 I have been working as Counsellor at the British High Commision in Ottawa. (26/1/14)

Paul Daniell (1980)

After university, I worked in production management in the automotive industry for 13 years for several companies including Jaguar Cars. Next, I trained through the Open University as a physics teacher and taught for nine years in a South Wales comprehensive. During this time, I created my own business – Interhigh School, which is a fully online secondary school delivering a full curriculum with live interactive lessons over the internet. The school has been running since 2005: I am now full-time running it and last academic year we had over 900 full-time students based in the UK and internationally. 

In my personal life, I continue to play sport: Rugby at Nottingham University, Moseley and Abergavenny, and Club Cricket and Basketball in the South Wales Leagues. In July, I celebrated my pearl wedding anniversary, married to Jacqueline, with three children all grown up and left home, replaced with a couple of energetic dogs. (31/7/17)

Andrew Dickens (1980)

Celebrated my 50th Birthday and 24 years of Marriage. (21/9/12)

Mike Dilkes (1980)

In January I drove to Timbuktu in a car that cost less than £1,000, a battered old Range Rover. It was a charity run, for Fragile X syndrome. On the way there I met Elizabeth, who was in another car on the run. Upon my return to the UK, I left my wife of 24 years' acquaintance, and three grown-up daughters and went to live with Elizabeth, who is 17 years my junior, and about to have a baby, my fourth daughter. I sold my Ferrari, Lotus Evora and G wagen, buying instead a Mercedes estate for £1,000, since now half of my money goes to the taxman, the other half to my ex-wife. (21/10/11)

The reorganisation of cancer surgery in London means this will be my last year as the lead clinician for Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, as I refuse to move from Barts to University College Hospital. I will be better off helping sort out all the inevitable emergencies at the Barts end. I have also started the process to launch a 'choking charity'. Every year 200 fit and well people die from choking, yet there is a relatively simple procedure you can do at home which may save someone's life - yet very few really know what to do. I am hoping Old Eds will get on board with this. (31/7/15)

I married Elizabeth Adams at the George Hotel in Stamford in November. Champagne from the Voiron-Jumel Grand Cru vineyard outside Epernay, 120 bottles picked up the prior week. (5/2/16) 

In May this year I went to Mysore for the weekend to visit the 95-year-old VS Charry, a pupil of Tolkien and Lewis at Oxford University. Truly an amazing man. India produced many it seems, not just Ghandi. (19/9/16)

After many years of rejection, I finally signed a publishing deal with Hachette-Orion for four books with a view to more. Hardly Tolkien as they are all part of a self-help series. First one was Stop Snoring, which did make it to No. 5 on the Amazon bestseller list. Oh, and we had another baby, Roland Michael, number six, and I resigned from the NHS. (28/7/17)

Matthew Duggan (1980) 

After many years in relatively rural Buckinghamshire, we have just moved to central Oxford, exactly 30 years after I first arrived as an undergraduate. I would be happy to hear from any OEs that are in the vicinity. Indeed, I might buy a pint or two for any that are here as students, provided that they are willing to listen to my burbling on about the old days. My teenage children would be especially delighted if someone else would take the strain. (21/10/11)

Michael Harrold (1980)

During October 1st National Day celebrations I received the Friendship Medal, the highest award granted to foreign nationals by the Chinese government. Hopes that I might have a claim to be the first OE to receive the award were dashed by Ralph Martin (1974), whom I met on the bus to the ceremony at the Great Hall of the People and who was getting his medal for his wizardry with computer imaging. I've spent most of the past 20 years in China, striving to raise China Central Television's English-language output to international standards. My two sons - Dominik (13) and Antony (11) - are putting me and my struggles with A-level French and Spanish to shame by being trilingual (English, Mandarin and Polish - their mother's tongue). My activities for seven years between Leeds (BA Management Studies and Spanish) and Beijing are recorded in my memoir, Comrades and Strangers: Behind the Closed Doors of North Korea(28/1/15)

Harry Longman (1980)

Founded Patient Access with GPs from around the country, pioneers of an innovation in allowing patients much improved access to their own doctor. Developing as a national movement through a social enterprise. (19/3/12)

Many patients say "I trust my GP but it's really hard to get an appointment". More and more GP practices finding they can change all that and save time and money for themselves with a new method. We make this possible through Patient Access which I founded in 2011 with the vision 'to transform access to medical care'. A lot of fun and making a difference to people's lives. (27/1/14)

Five years ago I founded GP Access Ltd and we are solving a problem. While the travails of the NHS are rarely out of the news, what this means for patients is that every day more than 100,000 are turned away when they want help from their GP. Yet by working differently, we’ve shown how GPs can increase their capacity by at least 20%, and this means patients can be in touch with them within minutes and always offered a same day appointment if needed. We’ve recently added askmyGP, which enables patients to seek help from their GP online. It’s more convenient for patients and even more so for GPs. Look out for this coming to your practice. (5/2/16)

Richard Parlour (1980)

I have been appointed Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee of the FSB, the key business lobby in the SME sector. SMEs represent £1.1trillion of UK GDP, I cover policy on cybercrime, business crime, access to justice, business continuity and reservists. This also has a European angle, which involves becoming an MEPE Member of the European Parliament of Entrepreneurs. It was fun debating in the Parliament chamber and giving vox pop TV interview on innovation in SME financing! (25/1/15)

Dan Clarke (1981)

Having run in a few local half marathons, on 2 October 2016, I will be running in my first full marathon in Bournemouth - where my daughter, Imogen, is at University. I will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and any donations would be most gratefully received via my JustGiving page: (12/2/16)

My preparations are going well for the Bournemouth Marathon on 2 October. I will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and any donations would be most gratefully received via my JustGiving page: (19/9/16)

Guy Haslam (1981)

A number of us from the ‘class of ’81’ met for an informal reunion dinner and had the pleasure of the Chief Master’s company. After drinks in the Tap and Spile, we enjoyed a fine meal in Edmund’s in Brindleyplace along with many reminiscences and catch-ups. If anyone from our year would like to keep in touch, we have a Facebook group called: KES Class of ’81. (15/2/16)

Simon Lambert (1981)

Heavily involved with steering the School (1200 pupils) through the process of Accreditation with the Council for International Schools. Working with the Supreme Education Council in Qatar in raising standards in the Private Education sector. An interesting multi-cultural and multi-faith challenge! (17/10/11)

I am currently living in Bucharest, Romania and have been elected to the Board of Directors of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce. I am now working on education initiatives with the Romanian government and looking forward to the challenges facing the business community post-Brexit. (20/3/17)

Robert Lawrance (1981)

In November 2015 I became vicar of St Francis Newcastle. (19/9/16)

Brendan Mulligan (1981)

In July 2010 celebrated 25 years of married bliss to Sian, who was at the Girls School and fell for me whilst I was on stage at 'Miss KEHS' impersonating a Vicar!! (29/8/11)

Elected Chairman of Aston Edwardian Association in June 2013. Might seem strange, being a KES old boy, but I played rugby at Aston Old Eds for 20+ years (01/8/13)

Christopher Rawlins (1981)

After graduating in modern languages from Oxford in 1986 I worked for NatWest International Division for 11 years, including four years in Paris. After gaining an MBA in International Banking and Finance from Birmingham Business School I accepted a position as Director at the British Bankers' Association for three years and then transferred to the Office of Fair Trading where I was Director, Payment Systems, tasked with changing the various retail payment systems in the UK. (Yes, I was responsible for the introduction of Faster Payments!). After the OFT I was Director of Strategy at Consumer Focus, sadly now defunct.

Unfortunately, ill health in the form of cervical osteo-arthritis has been a constant companion since I left KES and, two years ago, I was forced to take medical retirement. I am keeping myself busy as a Trustee of the AIDS Memorial Campaign, which is raising funds to erect a permanent memorial in London to remember all who have died from contracting HIV/AIDS, and as Chair of the Bow Foodbank Working Party, aiming to set up a foodbank and an advice and support network for those in crisis in my local area. I occasionally give private tuition in French and continue to harbour a long-held ambition to re-train as a technical translator. John Hatton would be proud!

In my personal life I live with my partner, Miroslaw, and we are moving to a new house in Bow on 9 August. We hope to take early advantage of the Equal Marriage Act to be one of the first gay couples to marry in the UK. I don't see anyone from KES these days but have recently made contact on Facebook with some old mates from the class of 1981!

30 years in 3 paragraphs! How's that for a précis? (01/8/13)

Mirek and I were married on 29 March 2014. We were delighted to be among the 97 same sex couples who married during the first weekend of equal marriage.

I shall be reading for an MA in Translation (French to English) at London Metropolitan University from September 2015 with a view to setting up my own commercial translation business. It's a change of direction but I am very much looking forward to it. Bow Foodbank, the independent foodbank in London, E3, of which I am Chair, has recently acquired charitable status. This continues to keep me busy! (10/8/15)

Tim Smith (1981)

Despite having to return the Warrant to the Birmingham Old Edwardian Masonic Lodge more than twelve months ago, some of the former Brethren met for a Summer luncheon at The White Swan in Harborne on the afternoon of 13 August. Amongst those in attendance were Don Beere (1945) and his wife Jennifer, Richard Price (1953) and his wife Beryl, Gerald Grant (1947) and his wife Diana, Bob Bradley and his wife Auriel, Derek Burns, Imelda James, Pam Cumberlidge, Tim Smith (1981) and his wife Rachael.

In spirit of the Old Edwardian Lodge, the former Brethren welcome a connection with any other Old Edwardians who are Mason. If you are an Old Edwardian who has an interest in becoming a Mason, please contact Richard Price by email: Subject to the response, we will consider holding an informal drinks evening at a venue close to Edgbaston prior to Christmas. (21/8/17)

David Wolffe (1981)

Since leaving HMV Group plc in September 2012 as Group Finance Director I have been launching a start-up business developing a revolutionary new backpack. The wolffepack is the world's only backpack that you keep strapped to your back but swings your stuff to the front to give you better access, more comfort and greater security. This British invention will be launching in October on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website, and more information is on twitter @wolffepack,, and (25/8/14)

In the last 3 months our revolutionary new concept in backpack design has won 3 international design awards across 3 continents. (8/2/16)

Andrew Balmford (1982)

Book published: Wild Hope: On the front lines of conservation success, Aug 2012 University of Chicago Press. (25/9/12)

Karl Przywala (1982)

Having spent eight years in Australia (1996-2004), I returned to the UK as an Australian. Now I'm off again, this time to Canada. I look forward to taking up the position of Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Vancouver in February 2014. (17/10/13)

Mark Cooper (1983)

Since March 2012, Vice-President of Dayco Power Transmission. Dayco is an American - Italian designer and manufacturer of automotive and heavy duty engine components supplying car and truck manufacturers around the world. Working from Essex but still living in Paris with a global remit. (9/4/12)

Since late 2012 I have been the Global Vice President Sales and Marketing for an automotive tier one supplier called Dayco with annual sales of around one billion US dollars. A wonderfully vibrant job which allows me to meet many fabulous people around the world from São Paulo to New Delhi. Recent notable events include a groundbreaking ceremony for a new 30,000 square metre factory in Wujiang, China, with the participation of the General Secretary of the Regional Communist Party. I am based in Essex, UK, but home is still Paris with a weekly commute. (11/5/14)

Jonathan Masters (1983)

I work as a consultant urologist in Auckland, New Zealand and have been there for 17 years now. I am also currently clinical director for urology for Counties Manukau. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I thoroughly enjoy my work. Mandy my wife (also a doctor) and I have three kids. Tom (24) is married and just about to qualify as a doctor. Abigail (21) is studying law and my younger son Luke (18) is on a gap year and, having spent six months in Malawi, is currently in England before heading to Poland to teach English. He will return to New Zealand to start medical school next year.

One of the joys of New Zealand is that I can take a sabbatical period and so I am currently in Zambia for one month teaching some urology surgery before heading to England in September for a month and then Samoa for a month. For a number of years I have been doing urology surgery in different settings including Nepal and Samoa and it is always a great challenge. If anyone from my era at KES is in Birmingham in September it would be great to catch up for a drink! (19/9/16)

Pete Nienow (1983)

I have recently been awarded the Polar Medal for the glaciological research that I have undertaken on the Greenland Ice Sheet and in the Canadian High Arctic. I'll be buying a hat shortly for a trip to Buckingham Palace in May...

There are some news items that were on the BBC and ITV news websites which give a little more information. (20/3/17)

Richard Salkeld (1983)

I got married after 16 years to Amanda Cope in May. Lovely local wedding and a big party afterwards. (22/7/14)

Lasantha Wijesinghe (1983)

Elected to the Council of the Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland for the period 2011-2014 and Council of the British Society of Interventional Radiology. (11/1/13)

I serve on the advisory panel to the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcomes and Death and the National Commissioning Group for Interventional Radiology. I am a Regional Volunteer for Bible Society. I had a hip replacement in July 2013. (25/01/14)

Hari Deshpande (1984)

Winner inaugural David Fischer teaching award Yale Cancer Center Yale University November 2011. I have had scientific journals published details in pub med. (1/1/12)

George Fraser (1984)

I am now living in Dubai as VP EMEA for a technology company called CSG. I would love to hear from anyone also living in Dubai at: (20/3/17)

James Wallbank (1984)

This year marked the 11th year that I've been CEO of the charity I founded, Access Space Network: This educational charity, based in Sheffield has developed a green, low cost model for people to engage with technology, learn key skills for jobs, and become socially and economically included. The organisation does this by supporting the community to recycle and re-use computers, learning technical, creative and soft skills in the process. This year we won the Sheffield Star Environment Award for Recycling To get a flavour of the activity, work and learning at Access Space see this video made by some of the organisations' volunteers. (28/10/11)

In 2013 I've been looking into the potential of digital manufacture to catalyse the emergence of new enterprises. I've explored 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC routers, embedding intelligent systems and more. My research has revealed that, some of these technologies present a huge enterprise opportunity. Applying my conclusions seemed to be a good idea, so in my spare time I set up new digital manufacturing enterprise, financing it via Crowdfunding. I was invited to present elements of my research in São Paulo, Strasbourg, Paris, Juiz de Fora and other cities, as well as being invited to give a TEDx lecture in Sheffield, where I now live. (24/1/14)

Ed Shedd (1985)

Just celebrated our wedding anniversary with Victoria Sims whom I first met at KEHS more than 30 years ago. Our two kids happily ensconced in grammar schools at Aylesbury, on the basis that what didn't kill us won't do them any harm either. Am leading Deloitte's global media and entertainment practice, which is deeply involved in helping solve the troubles of certain TV and newspaper companies who are living through properly interesting times at present...together with lots of work for games, film and music companies as they set up mobile digital services. (30/10/12)

Matin Durrani (1985)

A new popular-science book I've written is due out in October. Published by Bloomsbury's new Sigma imprint, the book is called Furry Logic: the Physics of Animal Life and looks at the many ways animals use physics in their daily battle to eat, drink, mate and generally avoid being killed.

I've been editor of the international magazine Physics World for over a decade and was inspired to write the book with a colleague, Liz Kalaugher, after publishing a successful special issue on "animal physics" in 2012. We've divided Furry Logic into six chapters that tackle the main branches of physics – heat, forces, fluids, sound, light and electricity and magnetism – and use more than 30 animals to showcase some of the basic principles of the subject. So in Furry Logic you can find out how cats use surface tension to drink and discover why peacocks attract mates with low-frequency "infrasound" that humans can't hear. You can discover how electric eels stun prey like police officers using TASERs and learn how ants and bees find their way home using polarised light.

There's also a great King Edward's connection to the book in that I was invited in 2014 to the school to talk to boys about careers in science journalism. Afterwards I found myself in the Common Room chewing the fat about science communication with King Edward's physics teacher Mike Follows. Although Mike hadn't been at school when I was there, he ended up reading – and commenting on – large parts of Furry Logic. I was keen to have a current teacher make sure there were no schoolboy howlers in the book and Mike put me on the right path on several occasions. None of the physics in the book is particularly advanced, but writing Furry Logic taught me just how hard it can be to get across the basic principles in a way that is accurate, concise but fun and lively too, and gave me a new-found respect for teachers like Mike. I've also heard from my publishers that the book will be translated into Japanese so I'm hoping the mixture of physics and biology will prove a hit across the planet. I hereby encourage all KES old boys to buy the book for them or their families for Christmas, birthdays and beyond!

Warren Cowell (1986)

I am now working at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), in their policy group looking at the value/prices of medicines. (21/10/11)

Will Downing (1986)

In April and May this year, as an escape from the rat race, I skippered my brothers' Bavaria 42 on a 4-week trip from Gosport, Portsmouth to Barcelona. The B42 actually belongs to Robbie and Andrew Downing who are also both OEs. The trip included three 5-day trips; Falmouth to La Coruna across The Bay of Biscay; Portosin to Gibraltar (600+ nautical miles!); and Almerimar to Sitges where we battled against Northerly 5 and 6 winds for three days with a dodgy engine and seriously blocked heads. The Bay trip required a minimum of two crew for insurance purposes and it was this fact alone that stopped me from sacrificing the inflatable tender and setting one of the crew adrift who was such a pain in the neck! And he was the most qualified (allegedly) as an instructor! He was promptly asked to 'disembark' and fly home from La Coruna. From there it was only me and one crew member who was worth his weight in gold at sea. The voyage down the west coast of Portugal was glorious with regular visits from dolphins who are so captivating in the wild and at such close quarters. They often danced right on the bow inches from being able to touch them by hand. They are graceful, harmonious and beautiful. Having beaten under sail and motor for 12 hours up the Strait of Gibraltar against strong winds and tides the weather changed over the space of 800 metres to a gentle breeze in our favour, a picturesque sunset and more dolphins playing near to the boat. I have wanted to visit Gibraltar for many years but found it to be an expensive anti-climax! It's only saving grace being that tobacco costs about 20% of the price compared to the UK. Unfortunately, my other memory of Gibraltar is the fact that we were duped into filling up from an unknown brand of fuel station. The fuel turned out to be very badly contaminated with grit. This ended up costing us dearly in time and money. The final leg to Sitges (25km south of Barcelona) included sailing for 5 or 6 hours through literally millions of portuguese men of war; not being able to stop in Ibiza to sample the local beer; and the very bitter sweet emotions of seeing Sitges and berthing there at 3am in the morning. The voyage has inspired me so much that I am currently re-training to be a commercial yachtmaster and teacher. The boat is now permanently moored in Barcelona near to where my brother lives in Sitges and I am becoming well known by EasyJet as I make regular trips there to enjoy the sailing around Barcelona. (21/10/11)

James Haddleton (1986)

I was elected president of Leeds Law Society 2010/11. I was appointed managing partner of the Leeds office of DWF LLP, a national law firm. (9/4/11)

In March I am starting a new job as head of legal at Clinigen Group plc, a pharmaceutical company based in Burton. Not that there is an awful lot else in Burton other than brewing. For the last seven years I have headed up both the litigation team and Leeds office of DWF LLP, a commercial law firm. Prior to moving across to Clinigen in March, I am busily tending my garden and making a meal of getting fit for summer tennis. (23/1/15)

After 25 years with large corporate law firms and as Group Counsel and Company Secretary for a pharmaceutical business, I have set up my own law firm (Haddleton Legal) advising boards and in-house counsel on improving the productivity and performance of the legal function as well as matters of compliance/governance. (31/7/17)

Nicholas Kaufman (1986)

Left for Magdalene Cambridge where I sat Part I Tripos in Classics - Part II Tripos in Law. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple later becoming a prosecutor at the ICTY and now leading defence counsel at the International Criminal Court in The Hague representing, inter alia, the former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Jean-Pierre Bemba (Co-Counsel) and the alleged Executive-Secretary of the FDLR militia - Callixte Mbarushimana (Principal Counsel). Recently returned from Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I acted as United Nations consultant to local defence counsel in the appeal of the notorious S-21 Tuol Sleng Khmer Rouge gaoler (Kaing Guek Eav aka "Duch"). Fondly remembers legendary Latin teacher - Stan Owen. (28/3/11)

Nick is an international lawyer and has represented several high-profile businessmen and politicians before various international tribunals. Among his clients in the last year are Jean-Pierre Bemba (former Vice President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Charles Ble Goude (former Minister of Youth in Cote d'Ivoire). Currently representing the daughter of the deposed President of Tunisia, Cyrine Ben-Ali, subject to European Union sanctions. (1/2/15)

Jasper Kent (1986)

Books published: Twelve (2009) Thirteen Years Later (2010) The Third Section (2011). (25/2/12)

Paul King (1986)

2014 kicked off with a challenge: to film and broadcast the Northern Lights from Norway, discover a new galaxy, and host astronauts from the Apollo and ISS eras all live on BBC TV. It was a tall order, but luckily all went to plan as I took on the task of producing the BBC2 TV show Stargazing Live in January. After 14 years making science and arts documentaries at the BBC, which have set me challenges as diverse as sending James May to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane to filming the Queen sit for a celebrity portrait, it was exciting to be in charge of a proper, live TV show at last. Several brain-frying months of writing and preparation and a punishing week of live broadcast from Jodrell Bank Observatory were capped by a suitably restrained celebration on the final night. I'll be back with another series next year. 

Meanwhile for the rest of 2014 I'll be producing another exciting TV project celebrating two big science anniversaries: the 50th Anniversary of BBC series Horizon, and the 300th Anniversary of the Longitude Prize won by John Harrison. The programme will mark the launch of a major new research fund being offered to tackle the most pressing scientific challenges of today, as decided by the British public.

Out of office hours I'm busy playing double-bass in a handful of Blues and Swing bands (Jump 66, West Weston's Bluesonics, Rollo Markee and the Tailshakers and others), with an appearance on the 'Gaz's Rockin' Blues' stage planned for this year's Glastonbury festival. (Band info: (27/1/14)

Trevor Addenbroke (1987)

After seven rewarding years as Head of Pastoral Care at Ibstock Place School in South West London, I have crossed the Channel to take up the post of Head of Mathematics at Elizabeth College, Guernsey. My wife, Sarah, son, Felix (9) and I look forward to the open-air life, sea swimming, and teaching our dog to surf. (19/9/16)

Paul Anderson (1987)

I took a year out then studied at Manchester medical school, trained in Manchester, New Zealand, Merseyside, West Midlands, London and Italy. Appointed consultant urological surgeon at Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley in 2007. Can also be regularly seen on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies as one of their surgeons. Married to Louise, a GP in Shirley, three daughters 12, 10 and 3. (11/1/15)

Paul received the Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award 2014 in recognition of his work with seriously-injured soldiers. He has helped more than 25 soldiers rebuild their lives after being injured in bomb blasts in Afghanistan. (23/1/14)

Phil Henrick (1987)

I stood in the General Election in May in the constituency of Solihull, coming third with 6,361 votes and improving our share by 9.4% on the 2010 result. (31/7/15)

I am now Head of European Sales for The London Taxi Company, part of the Geely Group. In late 2017 we launch our brand-new, zero-emission capable electric taxi which will open up new markets in cities around the world for this global icon. (19/9/16)

Carl Robinson (1987)

I started a new role at Oxford University Press in October this year - Business Engagement Manager for the Digital Media Group. This is a change catalyst role involving managing many internal and external relationships to help the division become even better at publishing in a digital age. Kelly Jennings (from Ohio, US) and I were engaged in April and got married on August 13 in Oxford Register Office. Family and friends joined us to celebrate at the Grand Cafe, followed by an open top bus tour of Oxford, a reception at Malmaison and a party at The Cape of Good Hope. Any celebration that starts at 9am and lasts twice as long as the average work day has to be a good one. (29/10/11)

I joined a new company called Ixxus ( in August 2013, a solutions implementer specialising in the publishing industry, as a Senior Consultant, Publishing & Media. I work alongside publishing companies to help them get the best from their content and processes as well as advising on strategy and digital content decisions. (24/1/14)

Andrew Stand (1987)

Our first son, James Andrew Stand was born on 2nd August 2011. (21/10/11)

Paul Trafford (1987)

I’ve self-published a biography, Thursday’s Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford, which describes how a Thai laywoman (my mother) came to teach Buddhism and meditation, especially amidst Birmingham’s growing cultural diversity – including a presentation to the School’s Interfaith Society in the early ‘90s. Next book? Perhaps experiences in Doha as I spent 2012-2014 working for the Qatar Museums Authority.

I’m currently employed as Web Officer at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. (19/9/16)

Ed Young (1987)

I have a bit of news this year: CommAgility Ltd, the electronics company which I co-founded and am Managing Director of, has been recognised this year with a 6th place in the Deloitte and Touche UK Technology Fast 50, and has also just won a Queen's Award for Enterprise. So I got to shake hands with the Queen the day after her great-grandson was born! (06/8/13)

William Benfield (1988)

Currently living in Denver, Colorado, USA, and working in the Logistics/Supply Chain Group for Rio Tinto Minerals. Married to Kimberly Benfield since 1992, with two children, Steven (20) and Nicola (18). (31/7/15)

Stuart Lane (1988)

In June 2012, Professor Stuart Lane was awarded the Royal Geographic Society Victoria Medal for research in physical geography and hydrological modelling. (8/2/13)

Paul Westbury (1988)

In January 2013, Paul was awarded a CBE for services to engineering and construction in the New Year's Honours list. Paul is CEO of Buro Happold and a globally renowned expert in the design and construction of sporting venues. He was instrumental in the delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, working as part of Team Stadium and within the Aecom Consortium to create a masterplan and design for the Olympic Park and its legacy. In 2012, Paul was awarded the Institution of Structural Engineers' coveted Gold Medal for a lifetime's achievement in the field of structural engineering. (13/2/13)

Prapa Kanagaratnam (1989)

I have been appointed Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College. (31/7/17)

Etienne Moore (1989)

Son, Thomas James Moore, born April 2010. Son, Benjamin Luke Moore, born July 2011. (23/10/11)

Darren Scott (1989)

I will soon be directing my debut feature film. 'The Deaths of John Smith (or how to be late for your own funeral)' is a dark surreal comedy, and will be shot in Warwickshire in August 2013. For more information: (31/7/13)

Married Karen Brooks at Warwick House, Southam, Warwickshire on 30 August 2016. (20/3/17)

Andrew Thomson (1989)

Currently working in the Ministry of Defence, and selected to command 5th Regiment Royal Artillery, based in Catterick, North Yorkshire, assuming command in early Feb 12. (23/10/11)

After 20 years plucking the bays of battle in the Army and having had the extreme good fortune and privilege to command 5th Regiment, Royal Artillery, I left in November 2014 and have taken up a role in the Compliance and Operational Risk Control function at UBS. Hopefully I won't have to update my address details quite so frequently in future. (23/3/15)

I retired from the Army in November 2014 from the privileged position of Commanding Officer, 5th Regiment Royal Artillery. I am now a Director in the Compliance and Operational Risk Control function of the Swiss bank UBS (not the brown-van-driving American parcel service UPS, as some of my “funnier” friends continue to suggest). I’ve met plenty of ex-Army, but no Old Eds inside UBS so far. UBS offers payroll giving and matched donations so I’ve managed to double my contribution to the Assisted Places fund whilst reducing the actual cost to myself. Hurrah! (7/2/16)

Tom Woolgrove (1989)

I was elected President of the Chartered Insurance Institute for 2013-14. I joined Direct Line Group (formerly RBS Insurance) in April 2010, and was part of the Exec team that successfully IPO'd the business in Oct 2012. We are now a publicly listed company (FTSE 250), and I am responsible for the UK Retail business. (26/7/13)

In January, I was appointed CEO of Premium Credit, the leading insurance premium finance company. We also finance school fees, membership and professional fees. (20/2/16)

Rob Yeung (1989)

Had my 20th book published: The Extra One Per Cent: How small changes make exceptional people (Macmillan). The book is on sale all over the UK and Europe, but the publisher Macmillan also flew me out to Hong Kong and Singapore to promote the book, which was great fun! My 21st book also came out in early 2011: Confidence: The power to take control and live the life you want (Prentice Hall Life), which was chosen by WH Smith to be its non-fiction Book of the Month in February 2011. (5/2/11)

You Can Change Your Life: Easy steps to getting what you want (Macmillan) is a book based on the research behind self-improvement. I was also on BBC1's Breakfast TV programme on 31 December 2012 talking about the book as the producers invited me to talk about the science of making effective New Year's resolutions. (11/1/13)